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HTML <applet> tag (deprecated)


The <applet> tag is used to define an embedded applet in our HTML.

Use the <object> tag to define embedded objects for use in HTML.


<applet code="" 
  alt=href="">View Apple</a>

Required Attributes

The code or object attribute must be used.

code specifies the URL location of the Java applet.

<applet code=""></applet>

object specifies a reference to the applet.

<applet object="aReference"></applet>

Optional Attributes

align - Specifies the alignment of the applet to sourrounding elements.

<!-- Valid values are top, right, bottom, left, middle and baseline -->
<applet code=""

alt - Specifies an alternate text for the applet.

<applet code=""

archive - Specifies a space delimited list of URLs that are relevant to the applet.

<applet code=""
        align="aURL orURLs">

codebase - Specifies a base URL location for the archive, classid and data attributes.

<applet code="" 

height - Specifies the height of the applet in pixels.

<applet code="" 

hspace - Specifies the horizontal spacing around an applet.

<applet code="" 

name specifies a name for the applet.

<applet code=""

vspace - Specifies the vertical spacing around an applet.

<applet code="" 

width specifies the width of the applet in pixels.

<applet code="" 

Common Attributes

class - specifies a classname for the element allowing you to apply the style of the predefined class to the content.

<applet class="classname"></applet>

id - specifies a unique id for the element allowing you to apply the style of the predefined id to the content.

<applet id="idname"></applet>

style - specifies an inline style for the element allowing you to apply the style to the content.

<applet style="color:red;text-align:left"></applet>

title - specifies extra information about the content.

<applet title="information about the content"></applet>

Language Attributes


Event Attributes


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