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HTML <base /> tag


The <base /> tag is a self closing tag that defines a base URL for the links on a page.

This tag is only allowed within the <head> </head> element.

Base URL

The base URL normally consists of the protocol being used, which in our case will be the HTTP protocal and the server name directory which for us will be

This will give us a base URL of

Relative URL

The common use of a relative URL is by omitting the protocol and server name as documents generally reside on the same server. So this would be directoryName/fileName.extension.

For example the relative URL images/chickenpiesmall.jpg

Absolute URL

An absolute URL is the complete address of the resource.

For example the absolute URL


  <title>HTML, CSS and JavaScript Tutorials - Intermediate HTML Tutorials</title>
  <base href="" />
<h3>List OF Images</h3>
  <dt>Pie Pictures</dt>
    <dd><img src="images/chickenpiesmall.jpg"
             alt="Chicken Pie" width="75" height="50" /> </dd> 

relative URL "images/chickenpiesmall.jpg" is attached to the

base URL of giving us the

absolute URL

Required Attributes


Optional Attributes

target - used for frames - not mentioned further here.

href specifies a base URL for the links on a page.

  <base href="" />

Common Attributes


Language Attributes


Document Event Attributes


Form Event Attributes


Image Event Attributes


Keyboard Event Attributes


Mouse Event Attributes


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