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The questions in these HTML quizzes are on the topics covered in the HTML5 Basics section of the site. The table below lists the lesson used for each quiz, a description of the lesson content and the quiz number and questions associated with that lesson.

HTML Basics Quiz Summary

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HTML5 Basics Lessons Description Quiz Info.
Lesson 1 - Starting OutIn this lesson we gather the tools we need to get started on our journey into the world of HTML.Quiz1
7 questions
Lesson 2 - First HTML WebpageIn this lesson we discuss the syntax of a HTML element and do our first practical.Quiz2
7 questions
Lesson 3 - HTML Structure - DocumentWhat is the document structure of a HTML page, we find out in this lesson.Quiz3
7 questions
Lesson 4 - Text TagsIn this lesson we take our first look at HTML text tags.This quiz.
7 questions
Lesson 5 - FormattingIn this lesson we take our first look at HTML formatting tags.Quiz5
8 questions
Lesson 6 - Inline SemanticsIn this lesson we take a first look at the inline semantic HTML tags available.Quiz6
10 questions
Lesson 7 - ListsIn this lesson we learn how to create ordered and unordered lists.Quiz7
7 questions
Lesson 8 - ImagesIn this lesson we learn how to enhance the look of our web pages with images.Quiz8
6 questions
Lesson 9 - LinksIn this lesson we learn about getting from A to B using links.Quiz9
6 questions
Lesson 10 - Language TagsIn this lesson we learn about the different language tags.Quiz10
7 questions

HTML Basics Quiz 4

The quiz below tests your knowledge of the material learnt in HTML5 Basics - Lesson 4 - Text Tags.

Question 1 : What HTML tag do we use to hightlight the enclosed content, making it bold in word processor parlance?
- We use the <code>b</code> tag to embolden text.
Question 2 : What effect does the <q> tag have on text?
- The <code>q</code> tag surrounds our text with quotation marks.
Question 3 : Which tags content starts on a new line?
- The <code>blockquote</code> tags contents start on a new line.
Question 4 : The <small> tag would be used for disclaimers?
- The <code>small</code> tag is used for such things as disclaimers, caveats, legal restrictions and copyright.
Question 5 : What effect does the <cite> tag have on text?
- The <code>cite</code> tag italicises text.
Question 6 : Which tag indents text?
- The <code>blockquote</code> tag indents text.
Question 7 : The <q> tag is used for long quotations?
- The <code>q</code> tag is used for short inline quotations, use the <code>blockquote</code> tag for long quotations.
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