HTML Structure

More HTML Structure

In Basic HTML Tutorials we explored basic HTML structure, it’s now time to introduce the other structural tags. In this lesson we learn about the </div> and </span> tags and how they affect the structure of our HTML. The div Tag The <div> tag and its’ closing </div> tag doesn’t affect our web page directly but is generally used …

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Basic HTML Structure

Basic HTML Structure

We start this lesson by exploring the syntax behind a HTML element, by explaining start and end tags, tag attributes and some of the terminology commonly used. After this we take a quick tour on the the basic structure of a HTML document. The lesson ends with a second practical where we add some HTML …

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Advanced forms

Advanced Forms

In HTML Intermediate Tutorials we took a first look at forms, and introduced the <input>, <label> and <textarea> tags for use inside the <form></form> element. In this lesson we take a final look at forms with the remaining HTML tags we haven’t used for form entry so far. The button Tag The <button> tag and its’ closing </button> tag …

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